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PostSubject: WRS GOLDEN RULES   Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:34 pm

Hey all members and guests,

WRS HIGH COUNCIL has edited our golden rules :

so read them carefully and if u don't understand something,

just post here,


The following rules are applied for all people who being on {WRS}Warriors Server.

Read the following carefully

1st) Use your WRS name and tag in ALL servers. Example: {WRS}MemberName. And do NOT dishonor your clan name.

2nd) No Spawn Killing/Camping or Team killing/Tazing. **Exception: If VIP is caught near the re-spawn area, give VIP chance to move AWAY from the re-spawn area. If he moves closer to re-spawn area,its not your fault.

3rd) NO camping or windows camping are allowed! This includes camping in doorways, pathways or windows!

4th) Camping is permitted if you are with VIP. Example: VIP is being held captive etc. So, camp near vip is allowed for suspects when vip is arrested.

5th) Don't hurt vip on purpose with ur guns( hurt leg,...)

6th) Don't steal arrests or spray/nade on purpose a teammate to arrest.

7th) Don't block the ways : This slows your team to move

8th) Don't do dirty moves to your team mates

9th) Do NOT swear/curse on server . This includes in other languages. Speak only ENGLISH.

10th) Do not take matters into own hands, especially if there is an admin on the server. Let the admin do what he/she thinks is appropriate.

Do NOT accuse people of hacking/cheating! Accusations without proof is considered a bannable offense.

If there is an admin needed on server, feel free to contact them via xfire.

13th) Cheating/Hacking is NOT allowed. If you did , you are BANNED from WRS clan. We are a fair team and does no cheat !

14th) VPR,SOE,Kl and Mob are our allies. You are expected to welcome them and respect them as well.

If you have been banned & are looking to be un-banned, please post a new topic stating your case.



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PostSubject: Re: WRS GOLDEN RULES   Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:51 am

aye aye governor jacki
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WRS Friend
WRS Friend

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PostSubject: Re: WRS GOLDEN RULES   Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:47 pm

that's all Question
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PostSubject: Re: WRS GOLDEN RULES   

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