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PostSubject: HOW TO JOIN WRS TEAM ?   Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:32 am


WRS is a community of players from all around the world. We are sharing the same passion for swat4 and especially escort vip game. We are not only a team of gamers; we are also a band of brothers and sisters looking for fun, fair, respect and friendship.

So, to join us and to be a part of the team, u need to know few things :

1- Register u on forum and introduce yourself on appropriate section :
- Name, age, sexe, location and occupation.
- If u know a wrs as a friend, let us know.
- Explain us why u wanna join us.
- What are your hobbies and passions.
- More u say about u and more we know u

IMPORTANT : Your recruitment depends :
- on your playing time on the server
- if you are known by some WRS members
- Your level of gaming ....

2- Be active on forum and server : more u play on wrs server and more members u will meet.

3- After a while, High Council will tell u to put the recruit tag like this : Guest{WRS|Rec}

4- With this recruit tag, u are now in a period test where members and SA/Admins will follow u carefully to see if u disserve to be a wrs or not.

5- After around 1 month, a poll vote will be created on private section of wrs members.

6- Each wrs will vote yes or no for your definitive recruitment in wrs team.

7- You need to have around 80% of yes to be accepted.

8- To finish, a topic will be made to put on it the result of the vote.

PS : To be more fair with all waiting recruits, a known player or a WRS friend needs to wait too a little period before to get into the pollvote section Smile

GOOD LUCK and thanks to come to us.


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